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Alliance Valley Bean provides top-of-the-line, USA-grown, black bean & seed varieties. As one of the largest bean processors in Grand Forks County, ND we are proud to bring our high-quality beans to a table near you.

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Alliance Valley Bean (AVB), a partnership between Cooperative Elevator Co. and Central Valley Bean, offers over 100 years of experience in producing and processing top-quality black beans for a diverse consumer market.

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Our Receiving Stations

Central Valley Bean Co-op

Buxton, ND

Manager: Dan Fuglesten

Phone: (701) 847-2622

Edinburg Farmers Elevator Company

Edinburg, ND

Manager: Mike Syrup

Phone: (701) 993-8421

CenDak Co-op

Leeds, ND

Site Contact: John Smith

Phone: (918) 408-7536

Star of the West Milling Co

St. Hilaire, MN

Manager: Jason Pitzer

Phone: (218) 964-3000

Central Valley Bean Co-op

Garske, ND

Phone: (701) 395-4383

Alliance Valley Bean, LLC

Sharon, ND

Phone: (701) 524-2569

Central Valley Bean Co-op

Grafton, ND

Phone: (701) 352-0407

Alliance Valley Bean, LLC

Larimore, ND

Phone: (701) 343-6363

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Join our community of bean growers and buyers who benefit from our years of experience, competitive pricing and contracting, and deep understanding of the overall bean market.

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