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Eclipse is a black bean variety released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station (NDAES) in July of 2004.

This is the first black bean variety to be released by NDAES. Development of this variety was made possible in part through funds provided by the Northharvest Bean Growers Association. Eclipse was selected from the progeny of the cross ‘Tacaragua’/‘Nighthawk’/‘Navigator’.

Tacaragua is a black bean landrace from Mexico which offers some resistance to white mold. Nighthawk is an early maturing variety from the University of Saskatchewan. Navigator is a navy bean variety from Rogers Seed Company which has excellent plant architecture and disease resistance. The intent of this cross was to combine tolerance to white mold with early maturity and erect plant architecture.

Eclipse has exhibited a yield potential advantage over ‘T-39’ and also canned product appearance scores similar to T-39. The upright plant growth of Eclipse, together with excellent lodging resistance, early maturity and synchronous dry down of plant and pods at harvest, may provide a benefit in harvest efficiency for dry bean producers.

To help ensure genetic purity, Eclipse black bean will be protected under PVPA Title V and must be sold as a class of certified seed.

  • High Yielding
  • Type II Upright Growth Habit
  • Canning Quality Similar To ‘T-39’
  • Synchronous Dry Down
  • Excellent Lodging Resistance
  • Purple Flowers
  • Early Maturing
  • Dull Black Seed Coat
  • Dark Glossy Green Leaf
  • Maturity (Days) 99
  • Seed Size(Seeds/Lb) 2,248

Black Tails

Black Tails is a new black bean variety that has shown good adaptability to North Dakota, Michigan, New York, Manitoba, and Ontario production regions.

A consistent performer throughout the trialing process and in commercial production, its upright architecture and excellent yield potential make it
an excellent choice for growers needing a slightly earlier variety.

Black Tails is the sole property of Cooperative Elevator Co. and is protected by U.S. Plant Variety protection and a U.S. Utility Patent. Use is restricted to producing one commercial food crop. Any use of this variety for any purpose without express written consent of Cooperative Elevator Co is prohibited under U.S. Patent law.

  • Excellent upright architecture suitable for direct harvest.
  • Matures 99-103 days or about the 1-2 day’s later than Eclipse**
  • Approximate seed count is 2,405 sds./lb.; slightly larger than Eclipse***
  • Preliminary testing shows that Black Tails has the “I” gene for bean common mosaic virus and has shown rust resistance in the CSU rust screening trial

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